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Feb 7, 2013 4:30am PST
in the disappearance of kevin collins case. he was known as dan but used at least four other names. he had a history of kidnapping in the years before kevin collins disappeared and he fits the description of the man last seen talking to the little boy. >> he lived not far from where the abduction happened. he had a dog similar to what dog suspect's seemed to have. they searched the home and it appeared to to be animal bones. >>> police announced that conway's death is a homicide and they still will not say how she died. she was found in the park a day after she was reported missing. a community vigil is to begin tonight. >>> hundreds of classrooms have undergone security upgrades. and coming up, how they could help in the case of an emergency. >>> tonight, he delivers his state of the city address. topics include the economy. read is expected to increase it early on the ballot. they are restoring the sol are you of city workers who took pay cuts due to budget shortfalls. >>> a popular oakland shortfall, a gun battle killed an 18-year-old boy and wounded three other people. that happened after the f
Feb 6, 2013 4:30am PST
guardian. >>> san francisco police will reveal new details in the kevin collins case. he is a boy that disappeared 30 years ago. we have learned police showed family members a picture of the lead suspect. he is dan who died five years ago. >> i am convinced that the investigation is going in the right direction. >> last week police dug up the concrete floor at his home where the teen went missing where kevin was last seen. >>> boy scouts of america to end a controversial policy banning game members. -- gay members. they could decide whether or not to include gay members but the boy scouts have seen donations drop as corporations withhold contributions. president barack obama weighed in on the debate saying that the ban should be listed. >>> -- lifted. >>> same sex service members, leon panetta is expected to make that announcement and it is reportedly reviewing what benefits it could extend without violating the defensive marriage act. >>> time now 4:34, five people are dead after an eight-year- old boy triggered a tsunami. more casualties are expected as crews make their way to t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2